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I have been DJing since approximately 1985. Back then I enjoyed the collecting of the hard to find and great pieces of dance and club music on 12 inch vinyl as much as the actual mixing. I started spinning at local smaller clubs and for private parties. I moved on to other larger area clubs throughout the metro Philadelphia PA USA area. I also started producing a collection of mixes called DJ Chris Colby’s Dance Evolution. This series still gets continual periodic updates with today’s latest music. DJing has change dramatically through the years but I still do it for the same reason as when I started. To bring people together of all ages, backgrounds and orientation on a dance floor and make them feel as one, feeling the beats of the time with the DJ Chris Colby Dance Evolution flavor. There is so much great dance music out there (whether you call it club, dance, pop, techno, EDM or house) that never gets to the masses of dance music lovers as it should. My feeling is it does not matter what chart it does or does not appear on it is the feeling you get deep inside when you hear it. How the pieces pull everyone on the dance floor together so they are moving to the same beat and flowing as one mass, from 2 to 2000 or more people on the dance floor it is the sight and feeling of that for me as a DJ that makes me want to continue and do more in my next mix or gig.

I search the world for the best dance remixes and share them with all to help the dance music community grow. I also specialize in bringing my own dance beats to the world.

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